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Loam Street, Dalby - A Road that Beckons

It was the weekend and time to follow the road that beckoned.  After all the beautiful rich farmland we had passed through, Loam Street seemed like the perfect choice.  I found a typical street in a Queensland country town

Paling fences are common but are not usually painted like this one.

When the houses are on stilts you know you are in Queensland.

It's footie season with the State of Origin matches in swing.

Wrought iron gates and railings were popular in the 50s and 60s.

I reckon we will be seeing more palms are we press further north.

We are bound to see more bouganvillia too.

And a classic Queenslander doesn't have to be a house on stilts from 100 years ago. This is vintage Queensland from the 50s and 60s.


  1. Kinda stupid that the majority of homes aren't built on stilts anymore.
    LOVE that gate.

    1. Lots of them have their underneath all filled in these days to make two level houses ... so the stilts are not serving their original purpose.

      I suspect the one here is about to be given that treatment.

      I like the gate too. I have been thinking about "collecting" images of wrought iron gates and railings. There are still a lot of them in country towns.

    2. There are still loads of them in Castlecrag and Willoughby ...

    3. Yes I guess they are anywhere where the homes are oldish.

  2. I like all the weatherboard. It's very different to all the brick houses south of the border.

    1. Fascinating isn't it ... how building styles change at the state boundaries. Though it is not entirely state based it is more regionally based on availability and ease of shipping of materials... for example the corrugated iron houses in Broken Hill, old timber homes in the Blue Mountains, stone houses in South Australia and government housing in Canberra. The time of building also clearly has an impact.

  3. That last image reminds me of the Petitt & Sevitt homes of the 50s and 60s.

    1. Pettit and Sevitt. I don't know much about them. Was there are similar name in Canberra for the people who could afford to build privately instead of a Govie?


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