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Ferry Ride 2 of 3

Hey that's a tall ship over there under the Harbour Bridge.

Ferry Ride 1 of 3

I am on the ferry at last, heading over to Neutral Bay.  That is the Museum of Contemporary Art in the background.

Strolling 3 of 3

These little dots in the pavement show the shoreline in 1788 when Captain Cook arrived.  If you look at the photo I posted yesterday you can see them at the right of the photo to get an idea of how far it has moved.

Strolling 2 of 3

It is this part of Sydney that makes me fall in love with it again and again.

Strolling 1 of 3

The ferry I wanted to catch was nearly an hour away so I killed some time taking a stroll along Writers Walk which runs around the waterfront. I've been watching the ABC TV series Brilliant Creatures " Howard Jacobson explores four cultural iconoclasts: satirist Barry Humphries, art critic Bob Hughes, feminist/academic Germaine Greer & writer/broadcaster Clive James, who left Australia in the 50s & 60s to change the world." In the first episode he makes the point of how nice it is for these people who are still alive to be recognised in this way (unlike in the old country) but I have selected to show the tile of one of the old-timers.

Circular Quay 3 of 3

I noticed these at the top of stairway.

Circular Quay 2 of 3

Views from above are one of the fun things of getting around in the city.  I've started using one of the new Opal cards - perfect for trip like this when I will hopping on an off public transport all day.

Circular Quay 1 of 3

Hubby took off for his train to Martin Place and I caught the city circle train to Circular Quay.  I love this railway station, the way you get a gob smacking view of the harbour bridge, opera house and the ferries.


Hubby had a meeting in the city for the day on Saturday so I decided to go make my own adventure.  As almost always, we caught the train as it is so much more pleasant to be able to relax, read or chat  for the 1 hour 40 min trip and not have to fuss with parking and stuff.

Not so nice

As I predicted our next Wayfaring trip was to Wollongong again and I followed a little further down the bike path.  This section was not so nice. The creek, though pleasant was cluttered with garbage and the native bush despoiled by many many weeds - like the lantana strangling the tea tree above. The bird calls were lovely but a rat running across the path ahead sealed the fate of this walk, I am not going to do any more posts on it.  I did a trip to Sydney this weekend and will do that instead.