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Late afternoon 1/2

The light is so luscious as the sun begins to go down.

Railway bridge

Looking for something to eat? There's pub grub Friday and Saturday nights at the Lue Hotel.


I like to mooch around country towns to see what will turn up. This was my top pick from Wollar.

Preserved grass

Cemetery Lue One of the pamphlets in the information centre said that country cemeteries are a place where native grasses have been preserved because they were usually established early after settlement and not farmed, just mowed. This is a repost to participate in the weekly Taphophile Tragics meme.

Roadside grass

When I stop to take a photo I've always got my eye out for interesting roadside grass, seeds and flowers.

Goulburn River bank

I always think grass is pretty.

Goulburn River

The river itself was a bit ordinary, at least the bit we saw, but I quite like this shot.

Goulburn River National Park

We took a drive out to Goulburn River National Park. Most of the country is familiar but I was surprised at these thin pines which were popping up everywhere among the eucalypts ... I'm assuming they are native, there were so many of them.

Abandoned 2

In the summer I guess it presents a totally different image.

Abandoned 1

Time to take a drive and look around to look for things abandonded and beautiful. I'm not quite sure what to make of the drainage system at this place.


Mudgee Like us the lady I snapped at the other table found breakfast was very slow in arriving. When it did come out I was glad I hadn't ordered the big breakfast!

She oaks

Along the fence mystery shapes swirled through the she oaks.

River bend

It was pretty. I couldn't decide which image I liked best so you've got both.

By the river

Riverside, Caravan Park, Mudgee Down by the river the mist was playing. An older gentleman with a camera said that a little further down it was nice.

Misty morning

Mudgee Caravan Park Rising early on the first day of the weekend I found a delightfully misty morning.