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Morning splendour

Join me in sitting on a rock watching the reflected light on the rock pools as the sun begins to rise high and bright ... it's been worth getting up early don't you think?


Here it comes

As I reached the rocks on the south end of the beach, the sun popped over the rim of the sea.

Sea lines 2

It's a balmy morning, perfect for a walk on the sand while I wait for the sun to peep over the horizon.

A rare event

I rose and walked down to the beach in the pre-dawn glow to see what photographic possibilities it would turn up. Dawn is not my time of day ... a rare event so please humour me over the next few days as I make the most of this.

Sea dreams

Yes I did enjoy this trip. And yes I am getting much more comfortable with salt water. We dreamt of returning soon and did a few weeks later. But before that, it's time to check out what's been happening in the inland over at Blue Mountains Journal . I've decided to branch out to something quite new and post a series of B&W people shots.

Sea miles

This trip is fast coming to a close so time to take one more look at the sea shore and sigh. I have to admit, it's pretty by the sea. This is Seven Mile Beach.

Sea treats

When I look at this shot I understand why the images at Sunshine Coast Daily are always so colourful. Everything at the beach seems modern and bright. Even coloured napkins look right whereas they would look just plain garish in the mountains.

Sea farms

My eyes kept straying to the farmland which runs right down to the water's edge. The grass at the coast is so intensely green. But for the most part I pushed myself to stay out of my comfort zone and keep those sea pictures rolling. The coral trees seem to be a popular tree for marking boundary fences in the farmland.

Sea trees

I was fascinated by the large number of coral trees, breaking into flower. I've just discovered they are considered a weed in the Shoalhaven area.

Sea bubbles

I couldn't resist showing another shoreline shot. There is so much action and light at play at the beach.

Sea lines

I took lots of sand ripples and seaweed and stuff, but will settle for one of my trios. It says something about the visual delight of walking along the beach.

Sea creatures 3 of 3

Now here is a sea creature I do understand!

Sea creatures 2 of 3

I greatly admire Sean's An Instant in Time candid portraits and how they tell a story. So perhaps you can make up your own story for this lady.

Sea creatures 1 of 3

I was detirmined to try and get some people in my photos. Just to prove to my friends over at 100 Strangers that I can do people (sort of). Surfers often stand this way, looking over the water. What are they looking for? What are they looking at? I have no idea, sea creatures are a mystery to me.

Sea escape

People like JM in Portugal were giving me a yearning for the sun, sea and escape from the winter cold. The weather was unseasonably warm so we were off. I was in a holiday mood so why not start with a postcard shot of East's Beach, Kiama.

Wrap up

We wrapped up a thoroughly enjoyable day with afternoon tea before heading home. That's it for this trip. Time to see what's happening over at Blue Mountains Journal. Then in a few days we'll be back here for a visit to the beach.


We went down the road a little outside of town to the Berkelouw Book Barn and spent a happy hour or so browsing the stacks.


And restaurants with log fires to lure you in from the cold. But we headed down the road.


And of course there is the fair share of crafty stuff, basketware, and gourmet pantry foods for sale and heaps of lavender in the gardens.


Bigger money lifts the arts and crafts a notch too. There's a really nice art gallery next door to this pottery studio -- clipped hedges, white stone driveway, sculpture on green lawn.