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After the town of Bylong we leave the valley and go through the mountains.

Red Rules

Taken for no other reason than I thought it looked pretty.  A change from my usual abandoned building shots.


When I stopped to photograph the yellow tree trunks I noticed this flower.  I was quite excited because I knew of of the existence of such flowers but had not seen any.  Geebung is their common name and Persoonia their botanical name. Funny thing I found when doing my research ,,, Persoonia has the common name Snottygobbles in South and Western Australia. Weird huh.

Green grass

The pasture land is still lush and green.

Bylong Valley View

It's a pretty drive with mountain ranges on either side of good quality rural land.  The green summer grass, boosted by the ample rain we have received this year, is giving way to drying seed heads.  OOh I like grass seed.

Bylong Valley Way

I think it is time we went Sweet Wayfaring again.  Recently what spare travel time we have had has been absorbed with going to Clandulla but this weekend we decided to push on further.  I am taking you on a trip from Clandulla along the Bylong Valley Way to Denman which is over towards the coast. From there we went on to Newcastle and back home to Lawson, making a round trip of it. The first thing I noticed this weekend is that the trunks of the forest trees have gone creamy yellow since last time we were here.  They are shedding their bark which they do at this time each year. Here's the map.  I don't feature the trip after Singleton as it begins to get quite cititified from that point which I find uninteresting.