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Raining again

Late in the afternoon when we were heading back home to the mountains the skies opened again and dumped more rain.  I guess those green fields will stay green a while longer.


Back at Kandos we found a crowd gathered at the Bob Marley festival.


We bumped along quite a few kilometers of dirt track than eventually hit bitumen again just before coming across this old tennis court at locality of Olinda.


We eventually left the open country and got among the trees.  Their trunks are fresh creamy yellow because they have recently shed their bark.

A little more

OK I might be overdoing it - I guess you get the message, it was green as grass out there.  The landscape is also dominated by the most marvellous rocky mountains.

More green

The landscape is quite beautiful, mostly grazing country (the field in the foreground is the only one I saw cultivated). Those clumps of dead stuff are blackberry that has been successfully poisoned. On they way out to the block I saw a sign on the roadway saying "Have you treated your blackberry".

A short colourful drive

We were out at our block this weekend and decided to take a drive,  just heading out along a road not much worrying where it took us.  With all of the rain we have been having lately the landscape is unbelievable green.

One last shot

Back home I remembered that I had not tried some of the other tricks of the new camera ... taking a panorama and art filters so here we are, a panorama of our sun room in sepia to give it a 1920s feel.  I notice the lens distorts things a little, because that long wall is actually straight.  In a landscape I guess the problem would be less obvious. That's it for the New Eye tour.


I spent the next day out at the Uni.  Disappointed because it has quite nice landscaping that may have made for interesting photos but the weather settled in wet.  At the end of day we caught the train to the city and then connected on a late train home where the mountains were turning on a typical misty night.  I thought I'd give a night shot a go ... the clever little camera told me it was taking multiple exposures and combining them to create this moody shot.

By the Sea 2 of 2

I thought he was some sort of Olympian but silly me he is of course a Surf Lifesaver.

By the sea 1 of 2

On Saturday I walked down to the beach but the weather continued to be less than pleasant so I am going to settle for just two shots.


We are staying in a motel in a very unpromising street of industrial buildings. I picked this one because I liked the vibrant blue and the way the frangipani softens the scene.  The weather continues to drizzle.


As we get towards Wollongong we get glimpses of the sea. At this point my camera battery run out.  Note to Joan - tiny camera has tiny battery. Looks like the weather is not going to be kind.

Moving on

We are moving on from our visit to the city but not going home yet.  We are heading down to Wollongong because Ian has enrolled in a course at the Uni there and was attending a weekend school. We are on an early train heading out of the city ... very empty.

Working late

I am not the only one working late.  Those are Law Chambers viewed from our hotel room, love their bookcases.


The Lindt shop in Philip Street.  We popped down there for "essential" supplies.

Resting Up

Our hotel room in Philip Street, nice and convenient to the hospital.  I'm taking a little breather from work which travels with me in that computer and the telephone that connects me to the world.


Fountains are another feature of city life.  I took this shot to see how the camera would handle the water. It's one of those "bowls" in Martin Place.

Botanic Gardens 5 of 5

Another lovely tree.  I have never noticed that they actually get figs on before ... I guess that's why they are called fig trees.

Botanic gardens 4 of 5

Wow I love that tree trunk.  The camera did some fancy footwork all on its own to get the background and foreground clear despite the difference in light.

Botanic Gardens 3 of 5

Trying out the camera on some close ups.  Pretty good I reckon.

Botanic Gardens 2 of 5

The rose garden.  My favourite spot.

Botanic Gardens 1 of 5

I always think a city is particularly exotic when there are palm trees among city towers.

Animals in the City 5 of 5

At a civilised hour of the morning I took a walk in the gardens.  Let me show you some more.

Animals in the City 4 of 5

There are rhinos all over the city at the moment.  As for sunrise this is the only sunrise I saw, working late most nights puts me even more than normal out of sorts with the early morning.

Animals in the City 3 of 5

Have you noticed there are frogs at the feet of the boar?  It was the first time I've noticed them.

Animals in the City 2 of 5

It's hard to go past the boar outside the hospital.

Animals in the city 1 of 5

A bit of fun finding animals in the city.  There birds are on that lovely fountain in the courtyard of the hospital.

Street 7 of 7

More coffee seekers.