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I'm back

We've been on the road seeking sunshine warmth and Royal Hotels.  Come along with me to discover where we've roamed and what we've found on the way.

Royal delight

Royal Hotel, Thursday Island I have decided to ignore that list of Royal Hotels and go along the way I have done before, just discovering them as I pass through towns.  But before shutting my eyes to the list, I did see there was one at Thursday Island  (which is way up off the pointy tip of Australia.  I knew I would never visit it and resigned myself to not having it in the collection. So imagine my delight when I found that Diane was doing a tour of the far north, including a visit to Thursday Island.  Thanks Diane!!   Follow her adventures over here . As for me, I will be off the air for a while longer but promise to return eventually with more Royal Hotels and other wayfaring adventures.