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Worlds End 10

I final shot of the countryside as we head home.

Worlds End 9

I have never heard of bowfishing.  Don't think there is much of it going on right now though.

Worlds End 8

Time to back track and go home.  We crossed this little creek on the way, let's go see what it's like.

Worlds End 7

Those are "drowned" trees currently standing high and dry.  I checked the website and it says the dam is currently 10.6%.   No wonder there is no water at this far end of the lake.

Worlds End 6

So we get to the end of the track where it says Inland Waters Holiday Park Cudgegong River.  Umm  ... where is the water?  I can see campsites all around the rim where I would expect to see a lake and these people camping in the middle.  Could it really be that dry?

Worlds End 5

Ok change of plan.  Some of you might remember we went Looking for Yarrabin  four years ago.  We never found that either.  But I did notice on the map at the time there was an offshoot that went to Lake Burrendong which we had seem previously from the Wellington side of the lake.  It might be nice to see that I said.  So off we headed down the track ... I love the cypress trees you see around here.

Worlds End 4

Ooops it points to a closed gate saying Private Property Keep Out.  I guess we aren't going to see the end of the world today.

Worlds End 3

I especially like the way the countryside crinkles and folds around these parts. We are getting closer to the turn off to Worlds End.

Worlds End 2

It is looking pretty green for this time of year but at the same time it must be dry.  I notice that the level of Lake Windemere is dropping again.  I just looked it up, it is currently 39%.   Four years ago I showed it at 60%.

Worlds End 1

We spent Easter out at our bush block and I convinced hubby to take me on a drive.  Where will be go?  I looked at the map and said there is a place called Worlds End, let's go see it. So we are zipping along the road much travelled heading to Mudgee.  I love this road.