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Days End 3 of 3

The end of the pretty pictures until I think of something else to photograph

Days End 2 of 3

Days End 1 of 3

Day is ending.

Lake Windemere 7 of 7

Time to day goodbye to the Lake.

Lake Windemere 6 of 7

You can see the water level is short of where trees have been drowned in the past.

Lake Windemere 5 of 7

There is something dramatic about drowned trees.

Lake Windemere 4 of 7

The lake didn't manage to fill up when the drought broke and I suspect is now going down again now that drought seems to be returning.

Lake Windemere 3 of 7

Once the water came back it became a popular fishing spot again.

Lake Windemere 2 of 7

Lake Windemere 1 of 7

This is just a series of pretty shots, most grabbed from the moving vehicle. I love this time of day by the water.

It's Dry

Happy New Year. We have gone nowhere this Summer other than to our bush block at Clandulla.  I have been feeling a little desperate that I would never get this blog rolling again. However, this weekend while we were at Clandulla my husband said "How about we go for a drive to Mudgee".  I jumped at the opportunity because the day was almost done and I was hopeful of getting some late afternoon shots of my favourite lake on the way home.   The countryside is brown and dry right now.  Though as we approached Mudgee there is respite with the green of vineyards.  I understand the harvest was a couple of weeks earlier this year because of the very warm spring and hot summer -- they were expecting a good crop. The lake is still carrying a lot of water well up from its low during the big drought so I am going to give you a week of watery shots for want of anything else to show and hopefully get back into the swing of posting.