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On this occasion I was like this fellow, sat outside on a park bench enjoying the sunshine and warmth instead of going inside.   These are the steps to the Mitchell Library, I will take you there another day. @State Library of NSW, Sydney

Quiet time

It's not as busy at the moment.  At the end of the year HSC students seem to fill the place. @State Library of NSW, Sydney

The bookshop

I really like the bookshop at the State Library, has just the type of books I like to read.  I also like the book display behind the frosted glass wall. @State Library of NSW

A favourite haunt

I've been to Sydney several more times this week.  This is my favourite place to spend hours while waiting for hubby.  Will take you on a bit of tour over the next couple of days. @State Library of NSW, Sydney

Train travel

I really like the ads at the railway station, gives me something to look at while I wait.  I like the Opal cards too, so convenient. But quiet carriages can sometimes be a bit of hazard, some people get very agro when someone makes a noise and start making a bigger noise themselves.

Black shops

Everything looks so lovely and jewel like in shops with dark interiors.  Nice to look at but it might be a bit gloomy to work there.

Lunch and Look

We had lunch at Dymocks then went window shopping.  I didn't even buy a book, I've still got quite a lot left over from the Christmas stash.


We caught the train down to Sydney to attend the Cathedral yesterday.  Waiting for the congregation to gather and the service to start.  Won't be too long, the bells have started ringing. @St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney


This week drove from Clandulla to Bathurst to meet our latest grand-nephew.  I love the hilly countryside on the Ilford-Bathurst road which looks even more picturesque with the old gold mining town of Sofala nestled in the valley and hugging the hills. We had lunch at the Old Goal Cafe and Collectables. @Sofala, NSW