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The river

Being so close to the city the river banks are heavily infested with vines and garden escapees. I think that is privet in flower by the water. Nonetheless it is lovely down by the waterside.

Birds of the Park 2 of 2

Down by the river we see the ducks and water hens. Which has got me wondering ... what do water roosters look like?

Birds of the park 1 of 2

And here is one of those noisy birds. Isn't it simply stunning. We don't see these in the mountains. Rainbow Lorikeet


The winter and spring flowers were turning into seeds. Yummy food for the birds jabbering overhead.

Sedges and grasses

Lovely soft lush grasses lined the track.


The area is damp and dense with vegetation.

Picnic Areas

The park is well serviced with roads and grassy picnic areas. We are on a short amble from the camping ground down to the river and back.

Lane Cove River Park

We're back wayfaring but not venturing very far ... in fact we are just down the road to the big smoke of Sydney but this is not an adventure among the traffic and city vibe... we were camping out at Lane Cove River park for a week to save us commuting down each day for a rather hectic week of appointments. It's hard to believe this restful spot is just 15 kms from the beating heart of the city.  We are off on another bush walk my friends where the climate is warmer and more coastal ... there will be similarities and differences from my usual Blue Mountains walks.  Let's go see what we find.