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My favourite things

It's been ages since our trusty little caravan last took us wayfaring. So I have decided to fill the gap with a series of posts on the themes that seem to recur in my blogs, my favourite things.  The plan was to run with 50 favourite things to the end of the year.  Narrowing the list down to 50 was hard enough, then trying to choose my favourite in each category from the thousands of photos I have taken was a further challenge.  It has taken me so long there are no longer 50 days left in the year! But we will run the the idea anyway.  Here's what is coming up in alphabetical order.  I hope you enjoy the series. abandoned houses after fire arial views autumn bark beach big sky birds boats cafes Christmas corrugated iron country churches country lines country People country towns crops farmland ferny places forest frost grass trees leaves lichen lookouts mail boxes manicured gardens meadows mighty rivers misty morn