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End of the day

We burst back outside as the sun was beginning to sink and the battery ran out on my camera.  That's the end out our little outing.  I wonder where we will go next, back to Wollongong I guess.


Gotta go now, I like this art installation which has lots of little ribbons hanging from the foyer ceiling.


There is no hurry, time for a little reading and eating in the members lounge before heading back home.  After all no outing is complete without afternoon tea.

A rest

Time to take a rest in the members lounge.

Tired feet

This indigenous painting makes me so wish I was out Sweet Wayfaring in the bush instead of trudging around a city gallery.  My feet are tired. Mind you the artist Ian Abdulla probably had tired feet too. The title of the painting is Swimming before school and the words written at the top say "Swimming in the river first thing before going to school wich was our way of having a bath in the morning while some of us would put a slice of bread on a stick and hold the bread near the flames so the bread was just like a piece of toast. Then we would walk about 10 miles to school and back again." That brings back memories, toast cooked over the coals, I often had that before going to school.

Black and White 2

I like this too.  Photo meets pixelated digital image meets aboriginal dot art.

Black and White 1

Photography ... ah ha we are in my world but the lady seems more interested in her iPhone.

Brown 2

Looks like the type of garish embroidery I did in the 1970s, I like it.  Mind you I should not be mean about hubby's unfinished building projects, this reminds me that I have any number of unfinished embroidery projects.

Brown 1

There are any number of rusting unfinished building projects like that around our place.  Perhaps hubby is an artist.

White 2

The artistic merit of a besser block wall or that graduated black bar on wall that looks like something I could easily create on a computer is a mystery to me but I somehow like the effect of all those edges and lines ... maybe I should run a city lines series.

White 1

The Archibald Prize is running at the moment but a bit too hectic to visit on a weekend so we headed for the emptiness of the galleries at the lower levels.   Don't expect serious commentary, the simplicity of modern art puzzles me.

My shape

Here's an artist that appreciates people built like me... but I do wonder about those funny goggle eyes.


We are walking up to the gallery and that is my hubby pointing out yet another empty car park nearer to the gallery than where we parked.

A chair

We are in the general vicinity known as Mrs Macquarie's Chair.  It looks like two hundred years later another lady is enjoying a seat in the sun.