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A short outing

Last Sunday after church we were thinking "It's such a nice sunny day let's go on an outing". Minutes later we found ourselves in the car driving down to the Big Smoke to go visit the Art Gallery. Here we are near our destination, overlooking those every so posh apartments at the old Finger Wharf.

Home again

I will be back again in the next month or two.  Perhaps the weather will be less chilly and I can bring a bicycle with me to go a little further afield on the path.


Another one for my sealines series.


Reminds me of the tumbleweeds that roll around the desert.  The wind is still blowing.


Goodie I have reached a part of the beach with rocks.  But the tide seems to be coming in and no chance to go out and join these guys.

At last

Trying to enjoy the plants but I am tired and want to go home.  At last the path takes a turn towards the beach.

Sandy path

I decided to leave the bike path and head home.  Mmm this path is not leading to the sea as I hoped.  It is running parallel to it.  I can hear the waves rolling to my left.

School sux

The path is heading past backyards towards the sea.

Ducks 2

Here are the real ducks and another bird spotted on the lagoon.  There were also swamp hens, swallows and willy wagtails.

Ducks 1

Ok I know they are not ducks, but they were bobbing around on the water just like ducks. I am so used to seeing seagulls flapping about by the sea or screaming for a taste of my fish and chips I didn't realise that sometimes they decide to just chill out.

Look at me

This guy was making a racket in the banksia near the lagoon. There was lots of birdlife to spot around here.


The path swings back from the sea and follows the edge of rather lovely lagoon.  Look at the angle of those reeds ... the wind is blowing hard by now.


O dear.  The couple were trying to figure out how to get their oar back without going in the water and before it was swept to the sea.

A sign

The path eventually swings towards the sea.  The sign says that this black bird I saw last time is the Sooty Oystercatcher which is listed as vulnerable in NSW but seems to be doing fine in the other states.


Being winter there are not a lot of flowers about but regardless of the season it always takes some noticing to see the detail of flowers in the Australian bush.

Back at the beach

I am back at the beach and as promised talking the walk in the opposite direction along the cycle path.  We start off wandering beside the creek which is a pleasant tangle of vegetation.  It must be very difficult to keep waterways natural and clear when they are within the urban sprawl. The day is lovely and sunny but a strong breeze is blowing.