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Dubbo is an inland city with a population of around 40,000. Like most cities, it is a mix of old and new. There seems to be a lot of government offices to serve communities in the far west. This heritage building is one of those government offices. We passed it on our way to the hotel, trundling our bag behind us. The street trees were in flower ... I've not seen this tree before ... very pretty.


Dubbo In the early afternoon the train glided into our destination. It was school holidays so little ones were joyously meeting up with grandparents, anticipating a week of being thoroughly spoilt.


Macquarie River, Wellington I was so interested and excited throughout this trip, looking at places we have visited before from a different vantage point. We have camped by the Macquarie River at Wellington a couple of times so I keenly awaited the railway bridge that I have photographed from the camping ground. My camera was on automatic focus so it went quite mad trying to focus on something as we whizzed past the iron railings.

On and off

Orange At the bigger towns I indulged my new pastime of capturing the essence of the people around me as clusters of people joined and left the train. We were to discover when we got off the train a few hours later that a chilly mountain morning had given way to a very warm day. I guess this lady soon discarded those elegant woollens and put on her sun hat instead.

Industry past and present

Coming into Bathurst. It's not all green scenes along the track. Blayney . The base for Australia's largest inland container terminal.

Green scene

Dubbo is west of the Blue Mountains so we were travelling through country I have shown on other Wayfaring trips. I found it difficult to get good shots from a moving train so settled down to just enjoying the view. The pasture land was extremely green from recent rain and new spring growth.

Get off!

What are they doing casually walking along the track when the train is due any minute? "You going to Dubbo?" they asked. "The train is running 10 minutes late." More impatient waiting ... then here it comes gliding in.


While we were waiting impatiently for the train at Katoomba station, I snapped away. After all I needed a record of this trip ... we'd been thinking about it for 16 years! This building doesn't seem to have any purpose beyond looking antiquated. And I've never spent any time looking at the mural before ... it seems to have a little bit of everything Blue Mountains captured.

Day is done

As the sun sunk behind the dune we made tracks back home to our camp. Another wonderful day is done. And that's it for this trip. We are going back to Blue Mountains Journal for a week to meet some more people of the mountains before returning for a train trip to Dubbo.

Clean slate

The day's activities would soon surrender to the encroaching waves. I like that about the sea, the way it gives you a fresh start each day. At dawn you can feel like an explorer on a pristine beach.


Down at the beach the day was closing in.

Welcome Swallow

These little swallows were gliding out over the water. I've never taken a close look a them before ... aren't they pretty little chaps ... my bird book says they are Welcome Swallows.


We headed off to Shoalhaven Heads stopping at the river before going down the the beach. When I saw the boat pulled up on the bank I imagined in my mind's eye a shot like those by Peter and Lucy and this is all I got.

Wrap up 2

Now I know what my problem has been ... I've been waiting to get to the food! Note the more colourful plate , once again that brightness that only goes well at coast. After savouring this tasty delight we headed back to the beach to catch the end of day light.

Bookish 2

It was always going to be big ask to match the Berkelouw Book Barn . The one bookshop in Berry failed to inspire so I took a picture of their pretty garden instead.

Foodie 2

Even though the hotel chalk board announced there was a warm log fire inside, Berry is much more atuned to outdoor eating especially now the weather is warming up.

Crafty 2

Like Berrima there is plenty of crafty stuff in Berry but being near the coast their items take on more of a seaside theme. What are you are meant to do with those bits of driftwood stringed together?

Arty 2

Berry has several good quality art galleries but unlike Berrima they failed to inspire my photographic eye. However the tall gymea lillies outside this one did get my attention. Gymea Lillies are native to the Sydney region and grow enormous tall flowers.

Tidy rustic 2

Berry is much more of a functioning town than Berrima, with supermarkets and the full complement of shops together with the touristy stuff. And the architecture is very different. In Berry old buildings have two levels and are brick or timber, not sandstone. Berrima is "lavender" whereas Berry is the brighter but still quaintly old "geranium".

Antiques 2

Once I got to Berry I realised how restricting this challenge was going to be ... I don't usually photograph to order, preferring to snap away and let what comes out tell the story. Problem number 1 ... there is only one rather small Antique shop in Berry unlike the eclectic mix in Berrima.

Milking time

This one is especially for Martina who likes cows. We're driving the 20kms or so from Kiama to Berry. Rich dairy land rolls by. A month ago when I was showing photos of Berrima, Julie compared it to Berry. This gave me an idea for a photographic challenge ... to find the same shots in Berry ... Antiques, Tidy Rustic, Arty, Crafty, Foodie, Bookish and Wrapup. Let's see how we go and discover whether the towns really are comparable.


How convenient is that ... a red convertable parking there to make the photo interesting. I'm taking you on a drive tomorrow (not in a red convertable). Lighthouse, Kiama.

Stylish Dogs 2

This little lady walked her pet with such aplomb. Kiama Lighthouse (I'll show you the lighthouse tomorrow.)

Stylish Dogs 1

Dogs seem to be an essential accessory at the beach. The more stylish the better. Berry



Good morning

Kiama, caravan park I've got a few more people shots to show you before going off sight seeing.