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Showing posts from February, 2014

Street 6 of 7

Just a chance shot at the Law School during fading light.  It's amazing the detail this little camera eye can pick up.

Street 5 of 7

At lunch time there are runners everywhere.

Street 4 of 7

Oh that's right we read the newspaper and magazines.

Street 3 of 7

What did we do before we have mobile phones to entertain us?

Street 2 of 7

The morning hasn't begun until that first cup of coffee.

Street 1 of 7

Well the city is of course all about movement and the street.  So here's a week of what I saw.

Hospital 3 of 3

I like the way they have left ghost signs on the walls.

Hospital 2 of 3

Detail, that's what Julie would do.

Hospital 1 of 3

New camera or not I have a terrible time seeing photos in the city.  I kept saying to myself what would Julie, Peter or Jim see. I'm at the hospital waiting for my husband to emerge.  I do find this hospital quite beautiful among the tall glass towers of the city.

New Eye Tour

Hubby was having a cataract operation so we decided to catch the train to the city and stay a few nights in a hotel.  It was also a chance for me to explore the city with a new camera eye! I recently bought a tiny point and shoot that I can carry in my handbag instead of lugging the DSLR everywhere.  This is my first adventure with the new camera. Let's see what it finds.

Going nowhere

My friends I have still gone nowhere and don't expect to do so for a while longer.  But for those of you who like to wander country NSW you might enjoy the series Peter is currently running on his blog which is usually Sydney based. I am enjoying it immensely. I will be posting each day at Burnbrae Journal this week, to show some of the hard work in the garden that has kept me from wayfaring.