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A new family member

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to our family - Lady Jeep.  She's moved in to replace the rather foolish Madam Tom Tom.

Lady Jeep speaks with a refined English accent and pronounces towns and road names properly but she is not without her quirks.  Unlike Madam Tom Tom she is perfectly happy to take us on dirt roads, even when they don't make sense.

Here she is guiding us through Toowoomba to Dalby where we intend to spend the weekend.


  1. LJ looks as though she comes in a perfectly new housing rather than just being perched atop the dashboard.

    When I toured the Victorian High Country recently, I did so in my friend;s quite new Subaru Outback which had a built in GPS like this. I call all GPSs 'Gloria', because of their sexy sounding voice, I found it missing a function that enabled us to track where we had been, not just where we were going.

    1. Gloria ... I like mine to be title ladies.

      I don't think a tracking function would be much good for us. I have a habit of turning her off the minute she starts squarking "please take a u turn when possible" just because we off-track finding a Royal Hotel, public toiler or place to eat.

  2. It looks very smart built in.

    1. Built is is certainly nice and convenient. But she has pretty poor knowledge of outback Queensland. I punch in some name and when she wants to take me somewhere several thousand kilometres away I figure she doesn't know the place I want to go to.


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