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Heading north we pass through the tiny town of Parachilna (population less than 10) which is not much more than this pub that makes a fine trade in feral food for tour groups.

Addendum to show the menu:


  1. Hm, feral food ... (sorry if this is disrespectful but my first thought was "roadkill" - couldn't help myself).

    I like the second photo - I guess this inspired my thoughts ...

    Hmm, you are not talking about roadkill, aren't you?

    Hm ...

  2. The Flinders looks so different in good weather. One day I'll go back and see it properly. The day it wasn't raining was so cold and windy it was unpleasant. I'm trying very hard to finish my photos and get them online. Nearly done.

    Did I tell you that Sydney Open tickets are on sale. Can't remember whether I could access your blog or not.

  3. I remember reading somewhere that we're the only nation on earth that happily eats its coat of arms!!

    Happy travels!
    Adventures in Australia

  4. Martina, not roadkill though wild not farmed animals. The menus is quite up market. I've added a photo of the chalk board to give you and idea. FYI quandong and bush tomato are fruits from native plants.

    Ann, I look forward to seeing all your photos. We are having an amazingly wet year.

    Red, they say we would be much better off eating native animals for meat as they are much less stressful on the land than sheep and cattle.

  5. This is one of the most exotic menus I have ever seen.
    "Mettwurst" is German but I am quite sure you won't find a camel mettwurst anywhere in Germany.
    Thank you for this very interesting info!

  6. Probably feral in more ways than one ...


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