Saturday, August 13, 2011

More country lines

The sun is up and we are cruising our way back home.  Somewhere between Dunnedoo and Gulgong we saw this plantation.  I don't know what sort of crop it is. Do you?


  1. No. The two tones, brown and blue are striking. The trees look like they are standing at attention.

  2. They look kind of "nuttish" to me.
    Maybe pistachio?

  3. Letty, I thought nuttish too.

    Diane, I guess that is why I can't stop myself taking images of plantations like this ... its their regimentation that makes them beautiful to me.

  4. Yes, I like their regimentation, too. But I prefer this season to their 'clothed' season. I was going to say, perhaps, olive trees.