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Big Sky Country 12 - Breakaways 3 of 3

We hung around for sunset.


  1. I am sorry I am a little lazy with comments in the last days ... but everyday it's the same: I come to your blog, I see all these breathtaking photos of breathtaking landscapes and I really feel stupid because so often I lack the words say something besides: wow!


  2. The chalky white soil really stands out in the sunset. As usual, love it.

  3. Martina, it is a wow kind of place. No need to say any more.

    Winam this country is fantastic .. I remember some of the wow phoos you have taken in central Australia.

  4. I never tire of this scenery! Awesome shots again.

  5. Sadly even WOW doesn't describe the place, but your photos definitely help. They certainly bring back good times for us!

    56° C I think it was, recorded at the Breakaways, a tad warm for most!

  6. Worth hanging around for - that sunset!
    So many different types of landscape in Australia aren't there.
    You've highlighted the beauty of the breakaways, really enjoyed your series of them.

  7. Ah so was that light earlier on the light of evening? Sometimes hard to tell them apart ... I guess there is a quality to the light of both sunrise and sunset that the experts use to tell them apart.

  8. Julie, this light was after the sun had dropped behind the horizon and before the pink glow faded. Some of the earlier photos in the sequence were in the golden glow that occurs when the sun is getting very low but still still above the horizon. In this kind of country there are very few obstacles between us and the sun.

    Pete, I thought of you when I took these photo, having looked up your shots before I went there.

  9. A soft sky over a harsh landscape. Stunning.


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