Friday, August 5, 2011

Sheds 2 of 5

I love jonquils for the way the naturalise so nicely and flower so early in the season cheering up winter days and old sheds.


  1. They are just a lovely little surprise, aren't they?

    This shed is rather "fancy" with the flashing stuff on the corner - very nice touch.

    (PS. I totally missed your comment about cooking the flourless choc pear cake! I'm so glad you tried it too! It's easy to make, isn't it - lots of bang for your buck - and very delicious - Vince is bugging me to make another one.)

  2. I'm a jonquil lover and especially the waft of perfume across a field and the way they grow in little clumps/clusters. Always pretty and delicate!

  3. The certainly cheer up a corner in winter!