Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goin' Home

And so it's back to our beloved mountains and home.  The end of this trip.


  1. Ah now ... this is just perfect ... windmill and tank on stand ... wire grass .... sharp peaks in background .. and then over there on the left ... see allthose trees planted in a wonderful row by a farmer yonks ago and trimmed at neck-stretch height by some helpful cows.

    I wonder if those trees are camphor laurels? Dont think cows eat gums - do they

  2. I took this shot from the window of moving car, it would have been nice to get it static but I had stretched the friendship with the driver enough for one day.

    Regarding the trees, I embiggened the original and they look like some soft of pine trees or perhaps casuina, definitely not camphor laurels. I don;t know about cows eating gum trees .. have never thought about it.

  3. I do love those jagged peaks! As usual, enjoyed the trip.