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Getting late

We are heading back inland and it's getting late, time we found a place to rest our heads for the evening.

The next town is Dunedoo, regular readers of this blog might remember our train trip to Dunedoo where we spent a wet day walking the streets and figured we had dun all there was to do in Dunedoo. Ironic that we are going to find ourselves back there.


  1. Looks like that tree cracked the rock in two.

  2. Unusual rock formation. I remember passing through Dunedoo and thinking what a funny name.

  3. Simply amazing. I'd love to have a geologist explain how that happened. Plate tectonics and wind erosion don't seem like enough.

  4. Nature never ceases to surprise me. Love this!

  5. Not a geologist (my OH is), but it does look as if the tree has cracked the rock - or perhaps water or ground movements?


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