Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From the kitchen

At Cudal we browsed another junk shop, where my eye was taken but various domestic items.  The old ice cream can brought back memories of when they were first introduced - such an amazingly big quantity of ice cream in comparison to the cardboard wrapped bricks that preceded them.

I don't remember Weetbix looking like this box below do you?

And this one made me think of another domestic dream of home bottled fruit gone awry.  The wooden fruit box they are in brings back memories of boxes of Grannie Smith's each individually wrapped in tissue paper.


  1. I LOVE old tins ... and didn't Weetbix recently make a reproduction tin as a tribute to the original??

    I still use my vacola preserving kit - and LOVE it!!

  2. I mustn't have been very domestic because i don't remember the tins for ice cream or weetbix. I love how you make nice pics out of junk.

  3. I too love seeing those old tins. I used to have lots of those preserving jars - never did get around to bottling much!

  4. I was sure there would be at least one reader who knew what to do with the vacola jars. I have never tried it but might one day.