Thursday, February 28, 2013

The wedding

We stayed in Adelaide for three nights.  It is a lovely city and I glimpsed the places other bloggers have shown, but I barely took a photograph. I didn't even find time to walk a Road that Beckoned.  

You see we were busy catching up with family at Angela and Dan's wedding. My clever sister made those beautiful gowns for her daughters.


  1. first thing I noticed were the beautiful dresses, stunning. Looks like great weather too for such a special day.

  2. Best wishes to the Bride and Groom.

  3. Aha that was the reason for the train ride. How long did it take? Lovely shot of the wedding party. Your sister sure is clever.

    1. Took one day Sydney -Melbourne and one day Melbourne-Adelaide then an overnight journey back home.
      With breaks in between all up a week.

  4. A clever sister indeed Joan .... catching up with family is special and your travels there were an adventure.
    A very pretty wedding party.

  5. Sheesh - she made those dresses?
    I'm flat out making a pillow case!
    I've never been to Adelaide - seems ridiculous seeing we are so close.
    Maybe we should sneak a quick trip in before we head up to QLD.