Sunday, February 3, 2013

Great train journey

Before we do the next road I am going to take you on a Great Train Journey ... Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Broken Hill, Sydney ... all by rail.  There is nothing quite like the grand arch of Sydney's Central Station to put me in the mood of the bygone era of glorious train travel.

The Sydney-Melbourne train is no longer called the Southern Aurora, it's just the CountryLink XPT service - how dull.


  1. Oh Joan, this is just the sort of journey to lift my spirits after turmoil in the Clarence, we weren't unscathed by the event and where ever you drive out of town are the terrible scenes of inundation, still we could be in poor Bunderberg!
    I love trains and the longer the journey the better! I agree the Southern Aurora was beautiful and elegant when it called into Grafton a few months ago, priceless heritage, the country link XPT is very boring.

  2. I'll say. Dull.
    Perhaps the inclusion of the X makes it seem super zippy
    and will trick the younger generation into thinking it's an alternative
    to air travel?
    Bit hopeful, if that's the case.

  3. Looking forward to this trip Joan - that's something I should put on my bucket list.

  4. I think travelling by train is so cool and, believe it or not, apart from going a couple of times to Madrid loooong ago, I have never made it.