Thursday, December 10, 2009

Abandoned twins

Nearly at Mudgee (we took a side road to get there) we saw two abandoned houses close together. At the left of the top one is a pepperina tree ... they are popular in hot rural places, the leaves are quite aromatic when crushed.

The second abandoned building could have been interesting because it was brick but a tall chicken wire fence around the house spoiled the image so you get to see the gate instead ... no trespassing

Temperature 40C. Can it get any hotter??


  1. Love the sense of that top house on its knees.

    This is the sort of place where I scare the wits out of my friends and venture forth.

    Love the padlock photo. Just my sort of detail.

  2. Yes, the padlock photo is great.
    All of your last photos really give me the "feel" for the heat ... might be the harsh light.

    40°C - puh.

  3. 40ºC?! Wow! I can almost feel the heat in your photos! Love the gate detail shot.

  4. Are people leaving the country side for the big city or does farming not pay, or both?

  5. Is it humid as well? That's what gets to us although, this summer was a breeze. I've never seen anything like it.

  6. I like the lock shot. Do you think three will be enough to keep people out?

  7. Julie, yes you would scare me tramping off into such places ... remind me never to go out bush with you :-)

    Martina and JM is must be disconcerting the heat and bright light as you are entering winter.

    AB ... I don't know why they use multiple locks ... I found a gate in the mountains a while ago that had 6 locks on it ... but blew the photo (out of focus)

    Paula, no humidity out there ... it was a dry as chips which make the heat much more bearable. Regarding your other question I raised some thoughts on that in my post Making the most of it