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Roadside Santas

Here's what's coming next as well as answering AB's question about Australianising Christmas symbols. We're back home but I need a day or two to catch my breath and choose a few shots from the thousand taken. See you back here in the New Year.

We've been west, much further west than we usually go. Somewhere out there the farmer's have their own tradition of placing Aussie Santas at their gates (which are miles apart in the big wheat and sheep country) ... we saw Santa playing footie, Santa riding a bike, Santa fishing on a dam, Santa waving from a tree and this Santa.

But old traditions die hard, after driving a hundred kilometres across the very hot dry plains we reached a roadside petrol station with this window display!


  1. This is a really cool Santa! I like this.

  2. Groan re the snow scene.

    I did not know this about the RMB Santa tradition. Am looking forward to next week.

    Don't forget the Theme Day on Friday for BMJ if you are thinking of participating. It is "Changes".

  3. I have to say I've never had such a Santa sight as in the first pic! :-)

    It's been a pleasure following your blog and I also have learned a lot from you, J. E.! Thank you for that.

  4. Hey I found another of your blogs and a very interesting one too. I don't remember the QVB in the old days when I lived in Sydney but i do remember the David jones' windows. Your shots are wonderful. The country Santas sound like fun and I'm looking forward to seeing more. This one is a hoot. Thumbs down to the outback window scene of snow etc.I heed your point about Aussie Christmas icons but nothing wrong with a coastal Santa in togs and thongs playing cricket at the beach as well as outback Santas as you will be showing.

  5. Ah, kangaroo instead of reindeer. But Santa is still clad too warmly, isn't he?

    Warmest Season's Greeting to you and yours!

  6. Joan Elizabeth,

    As to the aloes, there are around 400 species (Africa), they don't bloom all in the same season and the flowers go from red to yellow. I keep 6 of them and they are very different from each other.

  7. Julie, it's not a widespread tradition but appeared to be one around West Wyalong -- haven't forgotton Theme Day.

    Diane, I'm happy for Santa to be in togs on a surf board.

    Z, out in the sun he needs to worry about skin cancer so has himself all covered up and besides he's got a carton of ice cold beer :-)

  8. Australian Santas wear shades. Aren't they just the coolest!

  9. I am now watching the fireworks over the Sydney Bridge and want to wish you a Wonderful 2010, Joan Elizabeth!

    Thank you for all your visits and nice comments over the year!

  10. I wish you a sweet wayfaring 2010, may many blackfaced sheep cross your way!

  11. Thanks for showing us so much of Australian rural life in 2009 -- and your way cool Santas.

    I wish you all the best for 2010.

  12. I've been spending too much time on Facebook. I want to hit the "Like" button on all your photos.

    This Santa is wonderful. I've lost some of the wonder of Christmas since my son grew up - this is the kind of thing that brings the fun back.


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