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Making the most of it

Making the most of the photo stop ... I found yet another abandoned house over the road.

So why are there so many abandoned houses in the country? I think it has something to do with the natural inclination of country folk to reuse and recycle. So an old house becomes a storage shed. There are of course plenty of abandoned dwellings in the city (I heard there were 120,000 in Sydney on the radio the other day). However, they are usually demolished for high rise flats or horribly graffitied so don't delight the heart in quite the same way as these old homes.


  1. Never given much thought to this, but I am astounded at the number in the city. It is hard to tell at times whether a house is occupied down here or not. There are lovely examples of dereliction in the inner city that I frequent. I must try to stock up images.

    It is always a pleasant surprise to go from Burnbrae to SW: the colours are just so so different.

  2. I find an abandoned house a little eerie. Something that was so important once to someone is now so unimportant and merely bricks and mortar... it is a little sad. Nice pictures by the way!

  3. You have so much space in Australia, you can afford the luxury of abandoned houses!

  4. I always thought there were so many abandoned houses in your photos because the farmers left for the big cities ... obviously I was wrong ...

  5. I think this house could be a beauty! Hope someone will take good care of it.


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