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You know you are ... (6)

You know you are in the country when there's a windmill in your street.


  1. I like this sort of structure much better than the wind farm style.

  2. I like the composition of this frame - windmill on the right and the line of powerpoles that carries the view away (aarrgh, my English is failing me).

    I think I would be able to find everything in Germany you showed this far: tyres (Hi, Julie ;-)), swans made out of tyres, sheds, hollyhocks, even perhaps the one or other "dunny" (?) - but not this kind of windmill. Reminds me of watching "Flying Doctors" some twenty years ago.
    We got many of the wind farms Julie mentioned.

  3. Which town are we in?
    (wish I had a windmill in my street)

  4. Your German probably beats mine hands down, Martina! For a non-native your English is wonderful.

    I am astounded that you can find all these strange little things in Germany, too. I always think of them as typical Australian quirks.

    The world is a relatively small place ...

  5. So interesting to discover from both Martina's and PJ's comments during the series that these quirky country things are seen just about anywhere in the world.

    We are walking in Molong but the series goes driving from tomorrow.


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