Saturday, May 16, 2009

Making tracks

And one last shot of the farmland before we make tracks home.


  1. Strangely, this reminds me of Martina's tangled grape-vine mid-week.

    These have been glorious images of the central west, Joan. I can now understand your comments during January of hard you find the seaside to photograph. You are in your element with this sort of shot. It shows so much appreciation and love.

    Where to next?

  2. Oh yes, I do see the connection with Martina's vine.

    It's a funny thing that, I never have trouble seeing things in the country but I rarely see what Peter sees at the coast or what you see in the city. But I fear I'm getting repeatitive.

    There's a few shots from the journey home first before the next trip :-)

  3. I agree with Julie, it's an iconic and beautifully composed photograph and ou are in your element. An very excellent end to our tour.

  4. Because of the time difference I am always late with my comments :-( (and everyone has already said everything that came to my mind).
    That's interesting I am not much af a seaside photographer too. I love beeing there but mostly spend my time staring at the horizon and not taking many photos, ;-).
    And yes, I like this photo very much. Wood, metal, gras, rust - that's what it takes ....

  5. Great detail and pastel shades!