Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reading a letter

She is reading a letter to her friend.  That is one of the joys we miss in this modern age.  Christmas is about the only time we receive a personal letter in the mail.  My Mum/Dad used to write to me every week and I used to similarly write to them.  Unfortunately I kept very few of the letters.


  1. Yes, receiving a handwritten letter is always nice.
    This photo has such a lovely feeling to it. Just the body language etc I'm guessing they're Mother and Daughter :D)

  2. Great character study, Joan. It speaks volumes.

  3. I observed these ladies with much interest. They had a picnic lunch with them, spreading gingham tea towels on their laps and containers with dainty morsels to eat. It was like a wonderful time warp watching them.