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Hidden dangers

We are about to pop out of the mangroves to the beach, but let me digress for a moment to talk about the hidden dangers of the tropical rainforest and sea.

A crocodile might bite you.

Jelly fish might sting you.

A cassowary might kick you. (The Southern Cassowary is the second heaviest bird on earth)

A snake might bite you (Coastal Taipan is the third most venomous land snake in the world)

And if that is not enough even the plants bite.

I say hidden because I saw none of these even though that plant is very common in other parts of Queensland.


  1. I think I would take my chances. Would be a shame to miss a beautiful area of Australia.

    1. I'm happy to take my chances because I didn't see them!

  2. its enough to scare you off isn't it... My only fear there was the snake, I don't do snakes, YUK!

    1. Not keen on snakes myself but if a saw a croc in the wild I reckon I would give it even more respect than I give snakes.

  3. Hehehe, that should freak out the tourists. Unfortunately not everyone seems to heed the crocodiled warning since you seem to get a couple of crocodile tourist deaths in northern areas every year (last I heard was in the Top End NT).

    1. You know I have often thought that but it is so easy to forget!!

  4. It is enough to scare people off. But it is just warning you to be careful. Do you know why the croc sign has it written in German and Japanese? (Because they are the tourists rangers have found doing the most dangerous things, like standing next to a croc for a photo.)

  5. What about those drop bears! They don't tell the tourists about these.


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