Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Big mango

We had to find a 'big thing' sometime.  We're at Bowen.  Bowen mangos are like Gayndah oranges, Stanthorpe apples and Kingaroy peanuts ... almost everyone in Queensland has heard of them.


  1. Oh wow, that is BIG!!!!
    Also Love your shots of the last few days, that jumping silhouette is a prize winner.

    1. Thanks Peter. The solhouette was a chance capture which pleased me a lot.

  2. Replies
    1. At least this big thing was nice and clean and well kept, so many of them fall into disrepair after a year or two.

      My husband enjoyed the frozen mango that they sell there.

  3. mmmmm....I love mangoes.
    I'd eat them every day if I could.
    But if I eat too many I get hives!

  4. And I can't believe I haven't had any since I got here - Boiled Peanuts.
    I forgot about them!
    I'll have to get off to the old Bettie Bros fruit shop for a bag tomorrow.

  5. It actually looks like it's been cleaned up since the last time we were there a few years ago - Bowen is our nemesis. The only 2 times we've stayed there, there's been a massive unseasonal deluge!