Tuesday, February 26, 2013


That's the Grampians.  I really want to see them and obviously the train is not the way to do it so we will have to come back this way again some day.


  1. I would have recognised that profile ANYWHERE!

  2. I would love to go the Grampians as well. Red from Oz has some terrific posts about them.
    Another fortnight another flood, still raining, we are all so over it up on the North Coast.

  3. You must . It is a beautiful area. Great for walking, driving and camping but the trouble is everyone in Victoria thinks the same thing.

  4. The good old Grampians - how I do love them.
    When you visit - go in November - lots of native flowers.
    And travel the road from Maroona to Dunkeld - you get a wonderful view of the expanse of the mountains.