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Favourite things

I said I would be finding favourite things on this drive. Here's an abandoned dwelling near Capertee. Commenters have asked if I explore these places, which I don't, even if I did I would have given this one a miss with that prickly blackberry at the door.

Temperature 35C.


  1. 35C is bordering on the warm side. And judging from the shadow it is close to middAY. What allow a wee blackberry bush to dictate your explorations. Lassie lassie lassie where is your country upbringing!!

  2. Your photos are really terrific. I stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd invite you to read mine.

  3. How do I fall behind with your blog? I think my brain is shrinking.

    You know I love corrugated anything. I wouldn't go inside there either...

  4. I wouldn't get out of the car to explore in that heat either. great shot of delapidated dwelling.

  5. Rusty roof, stonewalls, wooden window wings (eeeh ... ), abandoned building - what more could the photographer's hear wish for? ;-)

    Still 1.5 °C here.

  6. Not a bad guess Julie ... 11:34 to be precise, still morning so more heat to come. Forget the blackberry, I just don't go through fences.

    Diane, without the humidity you have in Brissie the temperature doesn't feel quite as bad.

    Martina ... eeek it's gotta be very chilly winter morning for us to get temperatures so low.

    Paula, it probably my fault because of the way I jump between BMJ and SW

    Ms Rhonchell ... welcome.

  7. These old crumbling buildings really are a photographer's treasure.

  8. its amazing to me how you find these shots to take

    something that would normally be so depressing or unnerving to some you make look so beautiful


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