Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Australia's largest indoor Christmas tree

According to the QVB website the tree took 30 decorators, eight riggers and two electricians more than a fortnight to install and decorate. Standing 24 metres tall and extending through three floors the QVB Christmas tree features 1700 branches, 15,000 Swarovski crystals and is adorned with 40,000 lights, 8,000 baubles and 400 bows. Swarovski Crystal design each Swarovski crystal decoration to reflect light and create the festive 'wow' factor.

And they stare at the stairwell!

Queen Victoria Building


  1. We are a perverse nation, eh what? Them staring at the stairwell is akin to you showing this tree totally in B&W ... festive season, y'know?

    My WV is subfuxu. I am sure greater wits than I could provide an appropriate definition.

  2. They counted all the branches!

  3. Sorry about the colour ... I tried colouring the stairwell and being dark green it came out looking B&W but I do agree I should had gone for the red highlights on the tree.

    AB, not only the branches but the crystals and everything else it seems.