Monday, May 4, 2009

Shearing shed

Shearing sheds are a common sight in this part of the country. Where sheep are shorn and their fleeces classed and bailed.

And an Australian folk song to go with it
"Out on the board the old shearer stands
Grasping his shears in his long bony hands
Fixed is his gaze on a bare-bellied "joe"
Glory if he gets her, won't he make the ringer go

Click go the shears boys, click, click, click
Wide is his blow and his hands move quick
The ringer looks around and is beaten by a blow
And curses the old snagger with the blue-bellied "joe"

In the middle of the floor in his cane-bottomed chair
Is the boss of the board, with eyes everywhere
Notes well each fleece as it comes to the screen
Paying strict attention if it's taken off clean


  1. That's the biggest one I've ever seen!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous ... and big, yes. I love the angle ... like a surreptitious glance around a corner.

  3. I can only see one very small water tank ... yet that vast expanse of CI ...

  4. I like this so much I had to come back.

    I note the wool on the barbed-wire (some of it dabbed).

    I also note that there is a Leonard Cohen song in this photograph.

  5. I like the composition! Although the landscape can be similar to some of ours, this kind of buildings you will not find here.