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Mango trees

Cultivated mango trees seem stunted.  I guess they keep them low for easier harvesting.


  1. We grow a lot of peaches here and they keep them pruned back. It encourages healthy new growth and makes them easier to pick.

    1. I think that is what is happening here too .... then again I could be quite wrong and these might be some other tropical plant and not mangos at all.

  2. You are right. It is for easier harvesting.

  3. Avocados? Macadamias?
    Some of my Mum's family grew up around Bundaberg.
    She used to tell me that their backyard mango tree produced so much fruit,
    they buried it coz they couldn't eat it all - and nobody else around town
    wanted it coz they all had their own mango trees.
    I remember being horrified.
    Throwing away mangoes!!

    1. I found it even weireder in PNG. There they eat the mangos when they are green and crunchy like apples. Never a ripe mango to be found.


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