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Green Island

The last time I was here 45 years ago the big thing to do in Cairns was to take a boat out to Green Island to view the reef.  I dislike boats and had low expectations of the trip but did it anyway for nostalgic reasons.

We wandered around a little, ate a lot and took a short trip on the glass bottom boat.

It was nigh on impossible to get decent shots of the reef or fish -- so sorry to disappoint you. I'll show you the best I could do tomorrow.

By the way, this was a Sunday so should have been my day to follow the Road that Beckons but as this was a full day trip we ran out of time ... a shame, I had noticed a street called Toogood Street on the way into Cairns, it would have been a perfect choice.


  1. Nice selection - nice orchid too.

    1. It's an interesting problem when doing such a large and interesting trip, deciding what to blog about and what to leave in the photo album of soon to be forgotten images.

  2. I'm dreaming of walking on that tropical path. Exquisite orchid!

    1. I knew this part of the trip would interest you JM. The floral emblem of Queensland is a Cooktown orchid. I had hope to see on in Cooktown but they had finished their annual flowering. This is not a Cooktown orchid.

  3. Unfortunately I haven't done that trip yet. TOH doesn't like boats. So I really enjoyed your scenes.

    1. I don 't like boats either, but I made an exception on this occasion. I have memories of doing the trip when I was 3 years old --- the sea was rough and the boat more rudimentary than this one. Most of the family were outside but me and my Nana had to stay inside because I was little. There were people being sea sick all over the place ... I can still see all the vomit rolling around the floor.

      The trip when I was 15 was much better and this one very nice in comparison.


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