Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Conversations out at Clandulla way often go like this ...
"Have you been out to the Bylong Valley?"
"Yeh, isn't it beautiful"
"You'd better go see it again because it's not going to be like that much longer, the mines are coming"

Being generally supportive of mining and realising it fills the pay packets of many of the people in the area I've often shrugged but after the shock of Wollar and Ulan all but disappearing (see earlier posts) perhaps the longer term locals know what they are talking about.

See more of Bylong and its beautiful valley over at 100 towns.

If reached a milestone town number 75.  With 25 to go and only two months left it is going to be a stretch.


  1. Gosh, what a gorgeous view! Reminds me a lot of Glen Davis with the valley being so narrow.

  2. A lovely piece of country. Love the sun on the mountains/hills. That is a problem with mining, it scars the landscape and obviously gobbles up townships. I thought it would improve towns with more people and money.