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Railway bridge

Looking for something to eat? There's pub grub Friday and Saturday nights at the Lue Hotel.


  1. I wonder what typical pub grub is. I guess readers of this sign are supposed to know.

  2. Not grubs I guess even though the Australian aboriginal people think witchetty grubs are a real nice to eat.

  3. Strange place for a sign like this ....
    and .... ;-) :
    c.1300, from hypothetical O.E. *grubbian, from W.Gmc. *grubbjan (cf. O.H.G. grubilon "to dig, search," Ger. grübeln "to meditate, ponder"), from P.Gmc. *grub- "to dig," base of O.E. grafan (see grave (v.)). The noun sense of "larva" (c.1400) is perhaps from the notion of "digging insect," or from the possibly unrelated M.E. grub "dwarfish fellow." The slang sense of "food" is first recorded 1650s, said to be from birds eating grubs, but also often linked with bub "drink."

  4. I had an idea the word would interest you Martina.

  5. Hehe, I am with words like a squirrel with nuts ... ;-)


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