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Abandoned 1

Time to take a drive and look around to look for things abandonded and beautiful. I'm not quite sure what to make of the drainage system at this place.


  1. It is strange. It does not seem delapidated. Just a building made from old materials. Is that a Rheem system they have the guttering sort of slanting down to? Wierd ...

  2. Interesting - that's what we do here, too. Collecting the rain water from the gutters in barrels and use this water mostly for watering garden plants.

  3. Oh, now I'm envious. I really, really wanted to make a rainwater retention system for our house in St. Louis. But then we moved and that dream was left behind.

  4. It's not rainwater harvesting that is unusual ... every rural property would do this for the drinking water in their home. What I don't get is the collection tank (which looks like an old hot water system) or the tin can type funnel at the top.

    Not sure about it being a house either Julie but there looked like a backyard dunny nearby which could make it a house. However, there were the remains of an old dwelling (brick chimney) nearby also so it could have been the shed.


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