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Footprints in the sand


  1. I remember when you first tried your seaside shots last year and what a shock it was to open SW and not have bush or countryside laid out before me.

    You are good at depicting the joy of being beside the seaside, too.

  2. I agree am much more comfortable with the seaside now. But don't worry we get back to the countryside at the end of this trip ... in fact we do some countryside near the sea before we go home.

  3. I have never understood what the fuss is about! ;-)

    It's been lovely buried inside for a time, but your pics have reminded me how terrific it is to be out and about too. Must put down the brush and the computer for an afternoon soon!

  4. What a wonderful view this morning on your blog - as I sip my coffee and gear up for the day. The photos are beautiful, have a sense of mystery and with peace in the final shot. Thank YOU!

  5. those sweet little foot prints remind
    me of my babies' prints long ago.

  6. What a great triptych! Fantastic view and light on the bottom pic.

  7. Ha, the sun on the bird's (I guess) footprints hmmmmm ... I want to go to the seaside ... I want to go to the seaside ... no seaside at my place, duh.
    But I can have a look at your photos! :-)

  8. My kids would love to find all the tracks in the sand, dig out whatever is in that hole . . .

  9. You are good at depicting the joy of being beside the seaside,
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