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An unexpected Royal

The normal road was blocked, I think fires had been sparked by lightening overnight. So we had to take a detour through Wallerawang where to my delight I found a new Royal hotel. A great start for a day where I expected to see quite a few of my favourite things.

For those who are new to the blog, here's my Royal Collection.

Temperature 34C


  1. But this is not a Royal Hotel. It is a Hotel Royal. It is bordering on the prosaic, yes?

  2. I did notice that too but see the Tooheys sign ... it says Royal Hotel. Either way according to themselves it is a Top Pub so worthy of being in my collection.

  3. Ah yes, if I squinch my eyes up I can just make out the right nomenclature in the Tooheys' sign. The human brain can rationalise anything when it must!!!!

  4. I'll just sit here while you two get things straightened out...I love that you have such an extensive collection.

  5. Interesting architecture - nothing I would really combine with royalty, but that is the non-native speaker's advantage: to take everything literally, ;-).
    I like the building's colour - I often wish here in Germany they would use more different colours than the usual grey, white, black and beige.

  6. Martina, I don't think the hotels have anything to do with Royalty ... it is still a mystery to me why there are so many of them ... the best I can come up with is that they were the locations where the Royal Mail stopped. This is purely personal conjecture however as my Google Foo is not helping.

    Paula, there is more to go I have found a website that lists 70 of them. As for Julie ... I'm going to ignore her on this one... she can be very precise ... which is what makes her such a good photographer and historian.

  7. One other thing Martina, having painted buildings rather than brick and stone does give more scope for colours however this very strong blue is somewhat unusual


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