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Silky Oak

I noticed the Silky Oaks were in flower so looked around for an interesting shot with one of them in.

Silky Oak is a native Australian tree with golden flowers in spring and an attractive timber, this old cabinet in my home is Silky Oak.

Temperature 39C.


  1. Wonderfully wonky. There seems hardly a straight line in this building.

  2. Wonky is a useful word.

    Silky oak is a lovely understated golden. I did not realise that it flowered so obviously.

    Shall I enumerate the things to drool over in this photograph ... ?

    WV = phonym
    The sound of rising temper down the phone line when explaining that the shopping list is STILL on the kitchen table!

  3. Hi, I found your blog by accident and just want to say great oictures! I sure wish we had 39°C, its almost freezing here. :)

  4. First time I hear about the silky oak.. Your cabinet is gorgeous!

  5. Wonky .... what a delicious word ... and so apt ... thanks AB.

  6. The name alone, silky oak, is enticing, JE. The building looks huge?

    wv binge
    They binged on corrugated siding. And roofing.

  7. All the silky oaks are in bloom at the moment in Ararat - I adore them.
    One of my most favourite trees.
    (love that shearing shed - specially the colour of the iron)

  8. This is a lovely shot. That silky Oak is also found growing here in Hawaii (I'm on the Big Island)..most are found on the drier side (Kona). I love those trees and when the Jacaranda is in bloom, the whole side of the coast is full of lavender and yellow golden colors. Amazing it can thrive in such a cold environment too. Have a great day-


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