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Rural delights

The Mudgee area is noted for its fine wool, beef, fat lambs, cereal crops, lucerne, vegetables, vineyards and honey. There are also horse, sheep and cattle studs. Someone mentioned a cheese factory near the town so after a bit of a wander around we headed off to find it -- will show you that tomorrow. Some posts on Paula's blog inspired me to take the shot below.

Temperature still 39C. Is it ever going to cool down??


  1. That is a simply gorgeous shot of the mare and foal, Joan. The colours of the shot are lovely.

    However, one wonders what on earth there is for them to eat!

  2. I might have asked you this before -
    have you been to the Wellington Caves near Mudgee - they have a really cool sculpture at the turn-off.

  3. Not just human infants like their mother's touch!

  4. Julie, I was thinking that too.

    Letty, no you haven't asked it before but quite a while ago I did a couple of weekend trips to Wellington. There's a photo of the sculpture here

    AB, yes and hide behind their mother's skirt, this shot was a little out of focus but I could not get another as the little one kept hiding behind Mum.

  5. I really like the first photo - the partitioning in brown, green, dark blue and light blue lines from the bottom up is nice ... you have many of those :-)

  6. Is there any breeze at least? Love the colours on the horses shot.

  7. JM, there appears to be a breeze blowing but I can't remember it being in the least bit cool.


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