Friday, December 11, 2009


As we rolled into Mudgee the temperature hit 41C. Top on our agenda was a cafe with air conditioning. Just as we finished our sandwich in a relatively cool place big rain drops began to fall. But they didn't last long so weren't much help on cooling things down. But ahhhhh ... can you smell the wonderful aroma of raindrops on hot surfaces?

Update for Martina: Yes it does steam for a while and is especially noticable on the roads ... here is a shot taken through the windscreen a little later in the day when there was another brief shower.

Temperature 41C dropping to 39C.


  1. LOL - I did not believe your title - thought you were scanning your archives for something soothing ;-).

    I can't imagine rain at 41 °C - steaming like a sauna?

  2. Surreal :-)

    The small photo is really nice, I like the pattern of light green > dark grey > steam > dark green .

  3. I could smell the rain before I even read your text.

    Big splodges like this are a delight to walk in. too.

    I like the tabletop on that truck. I bet those planks of wood have carried many and varied a load.

    WV = inincies
    The intricate sworls between heavy splodges of raindrop.

  4. It's so unfair when the rain is stingy - but I can agree on the lovely odor a rain in hot weather creates.

  5. I love the smell of the rain when it's hot! From all the places I've visited, nothing compares to southern Africa!
    The smaller shot is fantastic, what a great capture!

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