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Extreme heat

When I tell you that the 100 year weather records show that that on average here in the mountains we get no more than 10 days above 30C you will understand that is was a horrible shock to walk outside on a spring (not summer) morning and find it was already 31C at 9 o'clock.

What better way to escape the heat ... go for a long drive in an air conditioned car ... so come along for the drive, we are on our way to Mudgee.


  1. I wonder if the poor battered tax-payers will have to cough up to alter all those signs to include the new "catastrophic" category?

    I am reading up (and talking) about the pros and cons of climate change. Is the science correct or no? If the science is correct, what is the best way of inflicting the necessary pain to ensure that people and companies reduce the resources they use. If we cannot work out if the science is correct or not, should be risk manage anyway?

    Lots of reading. I am not keen on having an opinion that I cannot effectively argue toward.

  2. Reading this while I was IM'ing with a friend how cold am I and how cold it is outside. Very surreal.
    Looking forward to seeing Mudgee, :-).

  3. It does get a bit hot in Australia.

  4. It's 11 degrees F where I live. Funny to think things are so different.

  5. JE, our weather has turned completely nuts. Heat, cold, rain, snow, heat, and on and on. I'm glad you have air conditioning, it's so essential for that cheerful mood required for travelogues. '~)

  6. Julie, I was wondering whether they were going to change the signs too. But I reckon if the day has a "catastropic" rating people will be fleeing the other way don't you ... mind you we must be heading for a big fire again around here soon so we'll see. All the best with the reading ... let us know what you find.

    Martina, GoB, Carol ... I have been so looking forward to summer I didn't expect it so soon! 11F is colder than we ever get here.

    Paula, spring and autumn are transition seasons so I generally expect things to be a bit funny ... certainly around here I never plan on summer being properly here until January .. it is disconcerting though.


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