Sunday, December 13, 2009

Culinary delights

The cheese was wonderful.

As we were leaving I was surprised to see them watering the lawn (given the state of the local dam) but was told they have ample ground water so no water restrictions. Looks like there's some good grapes on their way.

Some more big raindrops fell but went away just as quickly as they came.
Temperature 39C.


  1. What's that dark red heartshaped thing behind the cheese??

    Oii, just had dinner .. I am too full to look at this photo any longer ... ;-)

    (dictionary says "tea" (Aust.; Brit.; N.Z.) for dinner - really? It's a quarter to ten now, nothing I would associate with tea ... )

  2. The red heart shaped thing is a poached pear.

    When I was a kid our meals for the day were breakfast, dinner and tea. These days most people say breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though I still lapse into calling it "tea".

    A quarter to ten ... we don't eat that late. Dinner/Tea is usually around 7-8pm, earlier if you have kids.

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  4. The first looks very tasty, and very elegant in its square plate.

  5. On weekends I am always late with everything: breakfast at 11, lunch at 15, coffee at 18 and dinner at 21.

  6. Ditto with the names of meals.

    Now I am confoosed with this "groundwater" thing. These are the acquifa's (s[?) and artesian basins that the geology of this country is riddled with, yes?

    I thought water restrictions applied to this, too. Just because Fred Bloggs has a useful well on his property he cannot waste water because it does not actually belong to him. It belongs to us all.

    How sayest thou?

  7. Yes they are those aquifers. These days I think you have to have permits to sink bores. There is also a major conservation exercise going on to cap free flowing bores.

    Yes it is a shared resource but quite plentiful so I don't think we've got really serious about conserving it ... though I'm no expert on the matter.

  8. I like the second composition very much and the first photo looks just yummy! :-)